The Township can connect you to your fellow Democratic neighbors and to your elected officials at all levels, giving you a home inside the party.

  • Connect with the Club through email updates and the website.
  • Connect with your Hadley neighbors and Club Officers at monthly meetings.
  • Connect with elected officials through Club events.


Learn about the work a wide variety of activist groups are doing within our communities, about all levels of government and how they affect your daily life, and how you can use those to affect positive change within your community.  Many people do not understand the County Township structure (or even know that it exists!).  Spread the word!


Help find new candidates to run for office.  Knock doors and let people know that Dems are gathering in their neighborhood.  Learn to run for office yourself! Help the party spread its reach into new areas.

Help candidates reach out to constituents through those tried-and-true methods like canvassing and phonebanking.  Getting good candidates into office shouldn't be about how much money they have, but getting the word out takes dedication and active participation from citizens.


Voter suppression is real.  Be a part of making sure people know when and how to get to the polls and that once they get there, they come prepared with the tools and knowledge to cast their vote and make sure it's counted.