What is a Township?

St. Louis County is divided into townships boundaries that are solely related to political parties.  Each Township overlaps multiple municipalities or unincorporated parts of St. Louis County.  Your Township is your direct link to the State Democratic Party.

What municipalities make up Hadley Township?

The entirety of Maplewood and parts of Shrewsbury, Richmond Heights, Clayton, and University City are all found within the borders of Hadley Township.  Hadley borders the County/City line on the east, and roughly goes north to Olive, west to Hanley, and south to Shrewsbury Ave.  The Townships of Clayton, University, Jefferson, and Bonhomme border Hadley Township.  Find out what Township you are in by using this handy Township Guide.

What is the population make-up of Hadley Township?

There are just under 35,000 citizens inside the boundaries of Hadley Township.  These citizens make up just over 15,000 households.  As of the April 2018 elections, there were just under 24,000 registered voters within Hadley's 30+ precincts.  

How do I get involved?

Join us by checking out the Calendar of Events on this website, engaging with us through social media, or reading the Newsletters Archive for great ways to interact with ballot petitions or campaigns through volunteer opportunities.  The Contact page is a great way to sign up for our email list and get regular updates sent directly to your inbox. 

Becoming a member, however, is the best way to get involved and support the Club's activities so that we can continue to host great guest speakers at monthly meetings, build communities through social events, and get the word out through channels like this website and flyers for door-knocking Hadley neighborhoods.  See all of our member info on the Membership page.

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