The following members have announced their candidacy for the 2018 Hadley Township Democrats Officer Elections to be held during the club meeting on February 1, 2018 at THE HEIGHTS.

(Candidates listed in alphabetical order.)


Candidates for President

Lisa Clancy

It would be an honor to continue my service as President of the Hadley Township Democratic Club. Throughout the past year, we've built a reputation as one of the most active and engaged Democratic clubs in St. Louis County. In 2018, I'd like our Club to be a place where we continue to learn about policy issues but also where we mobilize to bring change in the upcoming midterm elections. I'd also like to continue to build our membership, with a focus on ensuring that our membership is representative of the diversity of our Township's footprint. I remain inspired by the progressive energy I've seen in the past year within Hadley and my community writ large, and know that we need strong Club leadership to keep seizing this moment. I bring experience in political field organizing, issue advocacy, and nonprofit management and leadership. I'm comfortable and experienced facilitating groups and meetings in an inclusive, collaborative way that gets things done. I live in Maplewood with my husband, dogs, and 1-year old son. We love our neighborhood and one of our favorite things to do as a family is to walk to the Maplewood strip to have drinks, eat lunch or dinner, or just enjoy being outside.


Candidates for 1st VP - Membership

Kelly Conlon-Zimmerman

I have had the pleasure of serving as the 1st VP and membership committee chair over the past year working with an incredible team of Hadley residents. The other officers and I have been working hard to reestablish the club. In addition to registering new members, and developing a member database, I have been working with the team of officers and committee volunteers to plan and develop our recruitment and retaining tactics. In the works for this coming year are membership cards, expanding our database to include information that will help us effectively direct members to activities that match their interest and skills, and outreaching to democrats in the Hadley Township to increase and diversify our membership. There is much work we still need to do, and I would like to serve HTD another year to continue building a solid membership program.


Candidates for 2nd VP - Programs

Jon-Erik Hansen

I was elected programs VP last winter after helping to relaunch the club following the 2016 elections. Since then, I have been a part of planning monthly meetings with dynamic and informative speakers, and have led efforts to organize around special elections by holding canvassing, phone-banking, and postcard writing events for candidates across the state.
I hope to build on these efforts for the current 2018 cycle for local and statewide races.


Candidates for 3rd VP - Publicity

Adrian Aquilino

I have professional experience working in graphic design, marketing, and communications.


Lindsey Skoler

It’s been an amazing experience to have been a part of the movement of progressive action that is sweeping our nation. As our slogan states, I believe that “Progress Starts Locally.” I also believe that township clubs are the most effective way to get involved in the democratic party and be part of this progress.

As VP of Publicity, my focus has been establishing a presence on social media, a hub where members can go to find out details about upcoming meetings, ways to get involved, and relevant events throughout the area. I’ve also worked to build relationships online with fellow democratic townships, organizations, candidates, and supportive local businesses to maximize our potential outreach.

If elected for another term, I would like to continue along this path and explore new opportunities to keep members informed and engaged while promoting our message throughout Hadley Township.

2018 is an election year. Our main goal as a club is to get democrats into office. As publicity chair, I will do all that I can to keep members informed about ways to plug directly into campaigns, whether that’s through candidate forums, endorsement opportunities, or canvassing.

I am honored to have had the opportunity to serve on the executive board and assist in the growth and development of our club. I would like to continue to serve for another term and see what we can accomplish in 2018. Let’s get to work!


Candidates for Treasurer

Ryan Jarvis

Having served as the Treasurer for the Hadley Democrats for the last year, I feel I am well equipped to continue handling the financial matters for the club in 2018. In the last year we have opened a club bank account (no small feat, as I found out), begun to accept electronic payments, and overall made great strides towards updating how money moves in and out of the club. I look forward to being able to continue that work for another year.


Candidates for Corresponding Secretary

Carla DeRousse

Last year, when I was elected to this position I said that I believe communication is key in any organizing effort. And after a year of working to improve Hadley communications and get the word out to even more of our neighbors, I believe that holds true now more than ever. Democrats have to be a team, a well-oiled progressive machine of resistance, against such a wide variety of issues today at every level of government. It takes true involvement in the political process to make change happen. I want to help ensure that the Club continues to give our members a place to find out what is going on in our local communities and our state, and to learn about the wide variety of ways to 'plug in' and get involved. There's a lot of work to be done and tackling it together in an informed way will be abundantly more effective.

For me, 2017 was a very busy, but very rewarding year. Within Hadley, I worked on a variety of projects - everything from fine tuning how we communicate with members to re-designing the logo (to more closely match the state party) to designing the website and more. I have a lot of ideas about how to evolve the website as we enter the 2018 mid-terms so that it is informative and gives us all direction on how and where to get involved. We should always be looking for ways to improve communication to make sure we're reaching the wide array of people who make up our community. In the last year, I also got involved with other STL progressive organizations and worked on issues within my own municipality - including helping Hadley Dem's own Jenny Schmidt get elected as the newest Maplewood councilwoman.  It's been a pleasure and a privilege to have spent the last year working with and being motivated by a ton of amazing, diverse, and very very busy people doing an insane amount of work to make our communities better. 


Candidates for Recording Secretary

Jason Goldkamp

Hello All,

My name is Jason Goldkamp, and I am running for the Recording Secretary of The Hadley Township Democrats. I have been inadvertently involved in politics since I was two, campaigning to help my Grandfather, Robert A. Young, win reelection as US Representative for Missouri's 2nd district. My grandfather implored me to get involved in my township shortly before his death. He viewed townships as the most important part of the DNC, as it is where you can really help to get out the vote, not only for national elections but just as important, local and state elections.

Some of you may know me from volunteering on Barbara Fraser's State Senate campaign, Bernie Sanders' primary campaign, Mobilize MO, Indivisible STL, Mark Osmack's campaign for my Grandfather's old congressional district, and as Hadley Township's current Sgt at Arms.

If elected, I would do my best to make the Hadley Township Democrats more easily accessible to newcomers and make information about our group easily obtainable.


Zack Smith

I am a Washington University Law grad and currently work at Greensfelder, Hemker & Gale. I am also the prosecuting attorney of Blackjack, Missouri. My wife and I moved to Richmond Heights four years ago and absolutely fell in love with the entire area. During the warmer months, we love taking our Boxer and Yorkipoo on long walks through the township.

My first election as a voter was 2008, and I cast my first ever vote for President Obama. Eight years later during President Obama’s farewell address, he called everyone to run for office or help on a campaign if you want real change. I am seeking a position on the Hadley Township Democrats because I believe that real change happens at the township level. This club has grown tremendously since I became a member. I want to continue the growth that the board has started. As a prosecutor, my notes must be detailed for me to formulate my case in chief. These skills will transfer to my position as the recording secretary of Hadley Township Democrats. I hope to have your vote on February 1, 2018.